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Globalization followed by Liberalization of Economies in major developing countries have led to the development and growth of the Businesses across the National Boundaries. As such the Businesses that were localized in a particular National Boundary moved out of the restrictions and became Global by spreading in different liberal countries. With this the Business protocol also changed due to the changing environment of the Businesses. Amidst the changing scenario of Businesses, the significance of Business card also underwent modifications. As such the functionality of the Business cards also transformed from being acting as a mere ‘Messenger’ for the Paper Business Cards to the highly acclaimed ‘Ambassador’ for Digital Business Cards.

Business Cards-An Overview

Business Cards are essential to sustain and grow the Businesses amidst stiff competitions amongst Business rivals. They are considered as a paramount aspect of Business Networking. They aid in creating and enhancing the brand image. They dispense quick and requisite information to the accessors that may belong to different categories and may include esteemed customers, followers and stakeholders etc. They also help in safeguarding the Businesses against varied marketing strategies adopted by the rivals. They aid in targeting the segmented market as per the solicited strategies and desired output. They also facilitate the organizations in generating leads that are quite essential for the much-awaited growth of the organizations. They aid in acquiring new Business associates that may be beneficial for the growth and expansion of the concerned business. They may also help in fetching the new market segments that may be inaccessible otherwise.

Digital Business Cards- The Merits

Advancement in Information Technology and Digitalization have paved the way for manifold benefits of the Digital Business Cards. The major advantages of Digital Business Cards or more aptly the Electronic Business Cards can be enumerated as:

Easy to Share – Sharing of the Digital Business Cards is much easier and simpler due to its online presence. It can be shared to Potential customers, Business associates, Stake holders and others as per the requirement. It can be shared by accessing the digital platform. Any mode of sharing can be opted such as social media, e-mail and SMS etc. as per the ease and requirement.

Stand Out– Some Business Houses though in the Digital Era are sticking to the conventional way of approaching the prospects by Paper Business Cards. Amidst such scenario, the Businesses that have digitalized their operations have the opportunity to stand out from the rest in several domains and specifically when it comes to Digital Business Cards. These Digital Business Cards have the capacity to position the Businesses in comfortable position and enhance the specific Brand Image.

Social Media Connectivity Advantage – Digital Business Cards have the added advantage of its connectivity with various esteemed social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp etc. besides many more that aids in building rapport with the generated leads, esteemed customers, business associates and various stakeholders. The use of social media platforms connects the Businesses with related segments to solicit the desired output in much safer and cost-effective way.

Convenience in Sharing information– Digital Business Cards have the significant advantage of storing and sharing the requisite information with the various associates as per the norms in the interest of the organization.

Easy up-dation of Information-information can easily be up-dated in Digital Business Cards. In sharp contrast with the Paper Business Cards where every time whenever information up- dation was solicited it ended up in reprint of the concerned Business Cards.

Easier Contact Management– In today’s advancement of Information Technology coupled with enhanced Digitalization, some applications have Optical Character Reader (OCR) that comes with the feature of scanning a Business Card. As such, the said scanner that includes the Business Card Scanner fetches and converts the concerned contact details into the digital text that is readable by the person. In this connection the said application either saves the solicited information or synchronizes the details with the uploaded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Simpler Customization-Now-a-days due to Globalization and Liberalization, the external environment of the Business has become very dynamic. This dynamic environment solicits the customization of the Business Cards as per the need to fetch the desired output either in terms of maintaining Business Relations or converting the leads into Esteemed customers.

Cost Effectiveness– The Digital Business Cards are quite cost-effective and is practically free to solicit the desired output. Apart from some extent of Designing and Customization cost, the Digital Cards are very much economical. This card evades the printing cost that is included in case of the Paper Business Cards.

Eco-friendly – The Digital Business Cards have the added advantage that it is Eco-friendly. It does not require the cutting of trees. Cutting of tress or simply Deforestation causes many de-merits such as Climatic Change, desertification, drought, soil erosion and flooding etc. besides various other directly or indirectly related problems. Amidst such scenario, the emergence of Digital Business Cards is a boon for the people and the world as a whole as it contributes in safeguarding the Environment.

Easy Access– The Digitalization has paved the way for the easier access of the Digital cards on the Digital devices that allows the user to easily access the files through internet. Easy access of the customized cards facilitates the solicited communication and sharing of requisite details. Its easier access is beneficial and aids in enhancing the productivity and turnover of the businesses.

Appreciating Impact– The Digital Business Cards allows the attachments of Videos and Links related to the concerned business. This aids in showcasing the business in the right perspective as the brand. This enhances the brand image and in turn aids in the popularity of the concerned business. Hence these Digital cards have great impact on the potential customers and business associates.

Time Saving- In this dynamic environment almost everything is possible when it is executed within stipulated time-frame. Here the Digital Business Cards allows the businesses to save the precious time and be one-up in sharing the appropriate information within solicited time and enhances the desired output.

Conclusion– In this dynamic world there are stiff competitions amongst the various business rivals. Amidst such scenario, the businesses need appropriate marketing strategies to achieve their stipulated target on the Global platform. As such as ‘Every Cloud has a Silver lining’ likewise amidst such fierce competition these Digital Business Cards acts as an ambassador for the particular organization and aids in enhancing the Brand Image and thereby positions the concerned business in the right perspective across the globe.





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