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Shivaansh School Management System: Multi School & Single School


Globalization and advancement in technology with the thrust on digitalization have marked its presence in every domain of the society including process management and augmented the process of automation of the concerned system. All the major activity centers have felt the resultant revolutionary change and assimilated the same in the operation of the system. In the above scenario the educational institutes that includes Schools, Colleges, Universities, Technical Institutes and Medical Colleges etc. have also evaluated the impact of the system change and geared to adopt the automation in the working of the same. Proceeding by the norms, all the major schools across the globe are competing to implement the School Management System in order to reap the accrued benefits.

School Management System-An Insight

The School Management System plays a pivotal role in the twenty-first century educational system. The school authorities across the globe are involved in considerable routine and non-routine school operations that includes academic and administrative activities. They always strive to manage and provide a better academic and co-curricular experience to students effectively and efficiently. In the above scenario maintaining and keeping track of academic and administrative activities is not a manageable process in this dynamic world. Hence for the better productivity, smart working is required and that can only be achieved by implementing the automation system in the school that is better known as School Management System. The said system offers multiple features to enhance the performance of the school with minimum effort and manages the tasks like Registration, Admissions, Attendance, Fees Collection, Management of Academic Calendar, Transportation, Hostel Accommodation, Generation of Examination Schedules and Report Card etc besides many more by optimizing the resources and information from a centralized platform.

Major Features included in the Shivaansh School Management System

SaaS (Software as a service) Module- The Multi School Management System has the appreciating feature of SaaS Module. The Software as a Service Module (SaaS) is the manner of delivering the concerned application over the internet moreover as a service. In this way the concerned application can be simply accessed through the internet and refrains the management from installing and maintaining the concerned software. Hence this module has also the inbuilt added merit that the management of concerned hardware is not solicited.

Separate URL for each school in case of Multiple School Management– Institutions having Multiple School under one organization can reap the accrued benefits from the School Management System and have separate URL for each school. It simply implies that Frontend website will have separate URL for each school. The feature of separate URL for each school facilitates the user to easily access the concerned website, update and maintain the school records and manage the generated report as per the requirement.

Management of the Lesson Plan-Judicious creation and management of ‘Lesson Plan’ are the key factors that are responsible for the innovative teaching methodology. It is the management of subject wise and chapter lesson plan that makes history in the success of the school. This School Management System manages the requisite lesson plan and dispenses the winning edge to the concerned school.

Online Class Google MeetGoogle Meet is the communication service developed by google. The School Management System facilitates the execution of ‘google meet’. It aids the participants in video and text chat. Audio and video streams are cent percent encrypted. Here screen can be shared and meeting can be facilitated by the use of multiple devices as per the requirement besides the advantage of recording facility. In this way the management, faculty members and students are benefited due to synergy that comes in effect.

Online Examination Management-Technology and Digitalization have paved the way for ‘On-line’ Examination and in many cases just replacing the conventional ‘Off-line’ examination. The management of the ‘On-line’ Examination faces manifold challenges, but this esteemed School Management System facilitates the conduction of the examination and takes care of all the requirements right from creation of Question Bank to the Student’s Log in and finally the submission of the answer-sheets after the stipulated time-frame.

SMS Gateway– Different variants of SMS Gateway is available for communication with the parents and guardians. In case of Multi School Management System there are different pack for Malaysia and other countries and for Single School Management System Pro there are options for Pakistan and Bangladesh. These SMS pack may also include Transactional and Promotional services as per the requirement. SMS gateway enhances brand familiarity and facilitates personalized messaging in favour of the educational institutes.

Payment Gateway-The function of Payment Gateway in case of school is the approval of the online transaction process between the concerned parent and the school. Its function is paramount as it facilitates electronic secure transactions that aids in the growth of the economy and curbs black money transactions. In case of Multi School Management System there are multiple Payment Gateway options available across the globe and the user can select the Payment Gateway as per the convenience.

Faculty Information– The School Management System dispenses real time information about the teacher’s activities. By the aid of Artificial Intelligence, the Management of the school can track teachers’ performance and provide them suitable feed-back to enhance their teaching quality. By the help of ‘Teachers Portal’, the teachers can access the requisite information related to students and school’s curricular and co-curricular activities.

Inventory and Asset Management-Management and maintenance of asset and stock of the school is mandatory to put an end to the recurring expenditure that may pose hurdle in maintaining the financial aspect of the school. The School Management System facilitates the management and maintenance of asset and stock that may include stationary, chairs, tables, desks, black green/ white /digital boards, lab equipment, teaching aids and transportation vehicles etc besides books and magazines.

Transport Management-The School Management System takes care of the entire Transportation System of the school. It commences right from the route creation, vehicle management and driver allocation etc. As per the requirement, the software can be integrated with GPS devices to provide real time data and alerts to the parents and guardians.


Scholarship Management System-A Scholarship is the financial aid given to the students to further their education as per the desire and contribute in the development of the literate and decent society. In Multiple School Management System this feature has an inbuilt advantage of providing transparency and efficiency in the disbursement of financial aid to the students.

School Assignment ModuleAssignments dispensed to the students are meant to enhance their knowledge and skill in the systematic way. In Multiple School and Single School Management System this module comes with innovative features right from the uploading of the assigned task and submission of the same within the stipulated time frame. In this approach the knowledge and skill of the students can be analysed in the logical way.

Merits of Implementing Shivaansh School Management System

Access to the Students InformationThe Student database in a School Management System contains requisite information about the students that is comprehensive in nature. The School Software manages the entire data of the student right from the admission stage to the day the student leaves the school. During the said period, the entire record of the student is managed by the software. The software updates the data of the students regularly and the major one includes Class Assignments, Examination Grades, Co-curricular Activities. Medical History, Parental Information, Fees Record, Transportation Records, Transfer Certificate and Migration Certificate etc. The School Management System often dispense real time information and announcement through digital messages.

Communication with the Parents- A home is the first school of a child and hence the parents play a very crucial role in the education of a child. Majority of the parents are emotionally involved with the child. Hence it is the moral duty of the school to keep the parents updated about the activities and progress of their child. Earlier parents and guardians are informed about the progress and activities of the child only during ‘Parents Meet’, but now the advancement in digitalization has revolutionized the concept and parents are periodically informed about the child’s progress as per the schedule from the Centralized Digital Platform by the use of School Management System. Every School Management System has a dedicated ‘Parents Portal’ that can be used by the parents to communicate with the teachers and the management through Text Messaging, Voice chats or Emails etc.  Notification regarding important events like Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti Teacher’s Day and Annual Day etc can be send by using bulk SMS and Chats.

Management of AttendanceAttendance management system is indispensable feature of School Management System. It replaces the earlier time-consuming and error prone paper-based attendance system. It is easier and faster to take attendance. It is full proof and eliminates the possibility of proxy attendance. At the same time the parents and guardians are also digitally informed about their child’s presence or absence.

Report Card/Grade Book Generation- Report Card represents the progress and achievement of a student. It has multiple implications, but the major one includes the concerned student’s future and his/her inclination towards particular subject or activity. As such the Report Card should be prepared with utmost care. The school software generates the Report Card in a pre-designed template of the school with an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI). The Report Cards are generated in seconds due to availability of the obtained Marks and Grades in the database of the software. The concerned software has an added advantage that the teachers can review and update the information if some changes are solicited before printing the Report Cards.

Fees ManagementFees Collection has always been a hectic, but very crucial process for the school management. The automated software has facilitated the Fees Collection and Receipt Generation in a simplified way. With the integration of the Payment Gateway, the Parents and Guardians can make the fees payment online. The Parents and Guardians can select the payment mode as per the convenience and avoid the long queues. All the pertaining additional payments are updated and informed to the parents through the software

Time-Table Management-Time-Table creation and its management is the crucial activity from the management point of view. The administrators can create multiple Time-Tables using Drag and Drop functionality. Different Time-Tables can be generated as per the applicability and includes Class Time-Table, Teacher Time-Table and Institutional Time-Table.  Sometimes the concerned teacher is absent or leaves the job. In the above scenario the software generates the alternative Time-Table so that the period of the said teacher is taken by some other teacher who is free in that particular period and the information to this effect is digitally communicated to the concerned teacher.

Generation of Examination Schedule-Creation of Examination Schedule is facilitated by the School Management System that is automated. Earlier it was time-consuming and error prone paper-based work that required its viability check at multiple levels of administration. Now with the aid of the school software, the error-free Examination Schedule is being generated and communicated to the students and parents.

Faculty Appraisal-The faculty members of a school are integral part of the school and their dedicated effort needs appraisal. They are indispensable for the school, students and the society. The School Management System integrates the working of the faculty members right from the lesson planning to the class conduction. The system aids the management in rating the teachers according to the performance.

Human Resource Management– The School Management System takes care of the employees of the school right from his/her joining and updates specific attendance, manages leave(s) and generates employees report as per the requirement.

Conclusion– The School Management System whether Multiple School or Single School Management System aids in the automation of the various school operations with added benefits of digitalization. A School Management System consists of various innovative modules to facilitate the school operations that includes the management of the concerned school, students, teachers and supporting staff. All the assigned module work together to bring synergy in the school operations. Institutions having Multiple School under one organization can reap the accrued benefits from the School Management System due to its ability to merge digital operations and dispense Multi-School Super-Admin level for controlling and directing. Overall, it can be concluded that the School Management System enhances the productivity and efficiency of the school in an automated way.








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